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Was für eine schöne Überraschung🤩🤩🤩
Während unseres letzten Besuchs in Annapolis hat uns Mark Pillsbury an Bord besucht, der Herausgeber des amerikanischen Segelmagazins „Cruising World“. Jetzt ist der Artikel erschienen.

Editor’s Log: Gone Sailing
A cruising couple is enjoying the freedom of cruising their new CNB 66.
By Mark Pillsbury December 8, 2020
German sailors Annemarie Auer and Volker Frank, aboard their CNB 66 yacht, Escape, have a near-perfect strategy for sailing through these uncertain COVID-19 times: They have no plan. OK, they can tell you where they’ll be next week, and they will explain how they expect to get there and where they might be on to next. But the big picture? They want to see the world. That’s it. Their timeline is open-ended. And as for destinations, they’re keeping an open mind about that too. I met the couple on a sunny, warm early-October morning in Annapolis, Maryland, where we were taking a lay day from our Boat of the Year sea-trial duties. Escape’s carbon mast was by far the tallest stick in the marina, tucked just inside the bridge at Spa Creek. When I arrived dockside to knock on their hull, Volker was deep down in a cockpit locker cleaning what looked to be an already spotless space.

Editor’s Log: Gone Sailing | Cruising World

Vielen Dank, für diesen tolle Zusammenfassung unserer Reise. Es liest sich noch einmal anders wenn ein Profi schreibt😊.

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