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Wir freuen uns über die positive Resonanz auf unsere Reise.


An Owner’s Story

Video von CNB über den ersten Teil unserer Reise von März 2019 bis Juli 2020, veröffentlicht im Dezember 2020

ADAC Langfahrt Interview

Interview und Video von und mit Autor Stephan Boden über unsere Tour, veröffentlicht im September 2020

Owner’s Feedback

Interview mit Yacht Solutions am Rande der boot Düsseldorf im Januar 2019


Auszug aus dem Artikel des amerikanischen Cruising World Magazins:
2022 Boat of the Year: Best Luxury Cruiser

But it was the final French entry in the Luxury class, making its US debut at the Annapolis show, that exceeded the efforts of all the others. The BOTY judges actually inspected a pair of CNB 66s, a semicustom yacht with countless available options. The dockside model was brand new; the one we sailed had been cruised by a husband and wife for two years (underscoring the company’s claim that it could indeed be handled by a savvy sailing couple). Judge Gerry Douglas found much to like: “The build quality was just impeccable. The layout [of the older CNB] was terrific; they didn’t try to cram things in but had three really nice cabins with en suite heads and a nice desk/office area, plus the chart table. Aesthetically, it’s a really pretty boat. The owner understood how to sail it well, and he had a system where he could handle it solo. He proved that you could operate a big, sophisticated boat alone.” The CNB 66’s triple headsail rig ensures the helmsman can quickly adjust sails to match the conditions.

2022 Boat of the Year: Best Luxury Cruiser | Cruising World

Cruising world Magazine

Editor’s Log: Gone Sailing
A cruising couple is enjoying the freedom of cruising their new CNB 66.
By Mark Pillsbury, December 8, 2020
German sailors Annemarie Auer and Volker Frank, aboard their CNB 66 yacht, Escape, have a near-perfect strategy for sailing through these uncertain COVID-19 times: They have no plan. OK, they can tell you where they’ll be next week, and they will explain how they expect to get there and where they might be on to next. But the big picture? They want to see the world. That’s it. Their timeline is open-ended. And as for destinations, they’re keeping an open mind about that too.

Editor’s Log: Gone Sailing | Cruising World

Bericht im amerikanischen Segel Magazin „Cruising World“, nach einem Interview in Annapolis